What is
5G Solution?

Private 5G is about enabling new, innovative use cases that will bring great value to enterprises across different industries such as manufacturing, mining, logistics, etc. As 5G launches globally in 2019, advanced countries in telecommunications such as Germany, the US, and Japan started each own Private 5G Network service calling it different names; industrial 5G, local 5G, 5G CBRS, 5G LAN, enterprise 5G, and non-public 5G.

The Korean government also has launched the Private 5G Network service, the 5G-specialized network, accelerating usage of 'real' 5G technology. And Contela has been preparing for this since 2019. Completing development on 5G vCore in 2020, we are expecting 5G small cell by the end of 2021 as a part of a national project with ETRI. It is high time to innovate.

Where is it applied?

How does it work?