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Outdoor Gateway

  • LoRa Gateway, one of the access network equipment, operates as an interface between IoT devices and network servers. Contela's LoRa Gateway guarantees carrier-grade quality from years of experience in the small cell business.

Product Features

Category Description
Supporting Band ISM 900MHz
Transmitted Power 200mW
Channel Bandwidth 125kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz
Dimension 175 x 250 x 55 (W x H x D mm)
Weather proof IEC529-IP55

* US and Japanese ISM bands are available 

Wireless Backhaul Wired/wireless (3G/LTE) backhaul and automatic switch
Security Function
  • Blocking the source of unauthorized S/W download and installation
  • Security key management & security package function
G-EMS and Statistics
  • Management LoRa Gateway on G-EMS
  • System statistics and information search for each gateways
On-site Support
  • LED function for checking equipment status
  • On-site debug port and reset button